Rent to Own in Metro Atlanta

Pick from homes that are FOR SALE in Georgia (Other Markets are available).

The home is purchased for you then you move-in with the option to buy.

We are real estate agents and YES we can HELP YOU rent-to-own.

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So, what are the qualifications to get start?

All you need is:

✔ 50K in verifiable household income
✔ 540 credit score

Protect yourself against home prices

Rent-to-own is a great way to protect yourself. When you move into your “rent-to-own” home, you agree on a price to optionally buy the house. That price is good for an entire year.

  • So if prices go up by 20%, you are still able to buy the house at the original price! That’s instant equity.
  • And if prices go down, you don’t have to buy it.

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  • No more moving because the homeowner wants to sell.
  • No more settling for whatever rental is available.

Get back in control. Rent now and buy it for yourself later, if you want. YES – You can choose from homes for sale on the market right now! 

How do you get started?

Text us at (678) 755-9019

We currently work with lease-purchase companies. They will purchase the home for CASH on your behalf then Rent it back to until you are Ready to Purchase. Yes, you do pay a little more BUT some of your Rent goes to the purchase of your NEW HOME!!


if they decline you, TRY HomePartners Of America: CLICK HERE

Article about “Why Renters May Pay More for Home They Want to Buy


Who buys the house for me?

The home will be purchased by a company that helps renters become homeowners.

Is there a down payment?

No, since you start as a renter, the only money needed upfront is a typical refundable security deposit you would pay with any normal rental.

*Some school districts are excluded. Certain exclusions apply. All properties do not qualify. Please text us for additional details.

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