APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS. O.C.G.A §10-6A-6 requires brokers to present ALL offers to lease to the landlord/owner. The landlord/owner reserves the right to accept the best offer based on economic considerations. These considerations include, but are not limited to, the move-in date of the applicant, the rental rate offered by the applicant, any concessions requested by the applicant, and the creditworthiness of the applicant.



Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response. In most cases, we are able to respond much sooner! We respond to emails in the order that we receive them. Sometimes we respond sooner. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

If you have any additional questions after reading the information below, please email us. For recordkeeping purposes, we must have everything in writing. So everyone stays on the page, we are unable to answer any questions via phone regarding the application process.

We have a 4- Step Application Process.

Applicant(s) must submit all required  information and supporting documents ( please use the 4-Step Application Checklist below). Please make sure you follow the Checklist that has been provided to ensure all required information and supporting documents has been submitted. Due to the high volume of applicants applying and heavy workload, we will not start reviewing your application until all items on the Checklist have been submitted. We will process complete applications first. Any incomplete applications will be declined. 


Time to Process an Application:  7-10 business days ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE 4 STEPS PROCESS and ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS have been received.

4-Step Application Checklist

  1. Request a Rental Application from every occupant 18 years old or older 

CLICK HERE –> (We don’t accept co-signer/all applicants must be occupants, sign the lease and reside in the home for the full term of the lease)

$69.95 per applicant (Application Fee $59.95 Background Screening +$10 income Verification).

  • You will receive an email from This is the 3rd party vendor we work with to conduct the criminal, credit, and eviction history. They will also complete the rental and employment verification on our behalf.
  • You will also receive an email from This is the 3rd party vendor we work with to confirm you receive the income stated on your application.

— Additional Application Fees:

  • Pet Application $25.00  (if pets are allowed)
  • WorkNumber $49.50 (if your employer using the Work Number to verify your income amount is subject to change check webite for confirm pricing  (


2. Completed Pet Application (Regardless if you have a pet or not. We need to make sure you understand the policy surrounding pets on the premises)

Tenant Cost $25 per pet | $0 for No Pets /Emotional support animal (ESA) Even if you do not have a pet or animal, every person named on your application must fill out a pet/animal application. There is an option on the application to select that you don’t have any pets or animals. Still, we must have this application filled out by EVERYONE, so we have a statement on the record regarding whether you do or do not have pets or animals.


3. Upload required documents to Dropbox:

  • Drivers License/State Issued ID
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Three most recent paycheck stubs (Handwritten pay stubs are insufficient documentation for income verification)
  • Copy of a current utility bill.
  • Copy of your most recent lease ( required – Only if your property ”is not” professionally managed)
  • Proof rental payments for the past 12 months – bank statements, zelle, cash app, money stubs, etc. (required – Only if your property ”is not” professionally managed)


4. Please be on the lookout for an email from The Closing Docs. (Cost $10 per applicant)

The Closing Docs platform is an Automated Income Verification for Property Managers and Lenders to confirm sources of income provided by applicants.

Effective: 1/09/2021 We have a new tenant screening vendor. Rental Application Fees are now $70.00. Our previous screening vendor is going out of business.

Application Fees – Subject to change without notice. 

Applicants Rental History must be established and verifiable with a consistent paper trail to be considered. No room rentals or living with relatives is considerable rental history. 

Read listing to determine if the property is certified for the housing voucher program.


  • Be Transparent!
  • Verifiable Local Stable Work History or Source of Income -No More than 3 employers within 5 years ( Looking for Stable Employment) Relocating with no proof of local income – application may be declined, or additional deposit will be required.
  • At least 3 years of Stable/Verifiable Rental History -No more than 2 late payments and/or NSF within 36 months before application. (If the property is not professionally managed (ex. Real Estate Broker, Property Management Firm, Apartment Complex)- The following documents may be requested to verify proof of current your residence, such as a lease signed by you and the landlord and/or proof that rental payments were made such as receipts; 6 months of recent receipts is the minimum) Less than 3 years of rental history? An additional refundable security deposit or non-refundable admin fee may be required; the owner/landlord determines the amount. **Relatives are not considered a reliable source when confirming rental history for a prospective tenant.**.
  • Must Income Requirements: 3.5x the monthly rent (More Details- Please see below)
  • The debt to income ratio may not exceed 41% (unless approved by the owner or agent in writing); please see details below.
  • The credit score must be at least 650. However, a conditional approval may be granted with a non-refundable credit risk fee and/or scores below 650.
  • If you have a Housing Voucher RTA-upload a picture of the form to verify Bedroom Count.
  • Do not exceed Occupancy Standards (2 persons per bedroom, plus one per home) ex. 2 bedroom max is 5 occupants.
  • Pass a criminal background check. (More information, please see below)
  • No evictions on your record and/or no money is owed to any prior landlords/apartments, etc.
  • No history of a Bankruptcy
  • No record of violent felony convictions in the prior 7 years
  • Not on the sexual predator’s list
  • Not on the terrorist watch list
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any showing request to people who do not qualify

For Verification Purposes: We reserve the right to request a copy of your last three month’s bank statement and/or completed tax returns. You may mark out information such as balances and personal transactions. We are only looking for proof of direct deposit income and/or proof of rental payment history.

The Work Number to verify your income: The tenant must pay the additional cost for this service (in addition to your application fee. EMPLOYMENT + INCOME Employment + Income Verification $49.95 –


PLEASE NOTE A copy of your ID and paycheck stubs/proof of income, etc., must be uploaded to complete the application process. Please provide the necessary information requested to process your application. We will not proceed with the screening process until all required paperwork is submitted.


***If you are self-employed, you need the last six months’ bank statement and the last 2 year’s tax return and Tax Return Transcript. Please send a copy of any relevant unexpired business license. Ex. a self-employed hairstylist will submit a copy of an unexpired license from the cosmetology board. More information on Tax Return Transcript, click here:

APPLICATION FEE $70.00 (As of January 9, 2021)


An application is required for all occupants over 18 years old. If you notice a lower application fee for certain homes, the owner of that property has decided to absorb some of the cost to process his/her applications.


-Properties can only be held with a Reservation Deposit for 14-21 days.

-Our Leases do not expire between After September 30th-February 27th (28th on a leap year) if your move-in date is ex. 10/1/2020 – your lease will not expire until 2/28/2021. Why? We had to find a way to reduce move-ins and vacancies during the winter months. The time changes in the winter – limit our showing times, vacant homes in the winter also lead to busted pipes and longer marketing times.

– Read Rental Listing on our website to determine Pet Policy. If pets are allowed, No aggressive breeds. Breed restrictions apply. No pets while touring the property. Emotional support animal (ESA) (must provide “Valid and Verifiable documentation.”

If the property is under management: 

If the home is managed by us – Rental Auto Debit will be required. Debits are processed every 1st of the month. You may use a Checking Account or Savings Account and/or PrePaid Card such as a NetSpend Card.

If the home is managed by us – All of our tenants are automatically enrolled in our Tenant Benefit Package: $19.00 per month. Read the listing. If the property is not professionally managed, you are not required to enroll in our Tenant Benefit Package. The following items are included as part of the package:

– Online Resident Portal for reporting repairs, etc.

– Free recurring ACH e-payments

– Free Rental Reporting to the Credit Bureau. Improve your Credit while leasing with us 

– Citizen Home Solutions personal concierge for assisting with utility connections

Example: Rent $1000 plus $19 per month for Resident Benefits Package. Total Monthly Amount $1019.00

It would help if you had a good rental reference; at least 3 years. There are some rare exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis. Additional Non-Refundable Contingent Approval Fee and/or non-refundable high-risk tenant service fee may be required.

Houses with Septic Tanks

If the house you’re renting has a septic tank instead of a public sewer, there will be a $30.00 per month charge for Septic Rent to cover the cost of pumping the septic tank approximately every three years. This is essentially no different from renting a house with a public sewer and paid for the sewage bill on your monthly water bill.

Move-In Funds

Before moving in, you will be required to pay all amounts. 

Fair Housing

We are committed to federal fair housing laws, and we welcome people of all races, colors, sexes, genders, religions, handicap, familial status, national origin, and sexual orientation. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Some Reasons for denial:

-Providing Complete Application and/or not submitting all required documents/ Information.

-Submitting fictitious and/or fraudulent documents, Unverifiable Employment and Rental References, Eviction Filing, IRS/Tax Liens, Child Support, and Rental Judgments, Past Due Rent and/or Utility/Rental collections, Past Due/Defaulted Student loans, Open Bankruptcy, A Credit Score Below 650 or lack of Credit Score, Child Supports payments past due and/or in collections. As well as any repossession within the last 12 months.

-We reserve the right to decline any customer who has attempted to commit fraud and/or to mislead regarding their application and/or pay stubs. Again, Be Transparent! We conduct extensive screening to make sure our landlords have the best applicant!

-Regarding the previous Eviction: Eviction = if a landlord ever brought you to court and you moved out before the sheriff came, this does not mean the Eviction wasn’t granted. If a landlord has filed for Eviction within the last 10 years, regardless of the circumstances they filed, the application will not be approved. No exceptions. We do not have the resources or time to investigate your eviction history.

-The total household income (which can include Social Security, Pensions/Retirement, Employment/Wages, Child Support, etc.) must be 3x the rental amount (Housing Choice/AHA/DCA/HCVP/ Voucher Programs) 3x tenant’s portion of the Rent)Please note: Unemployment benefits, student loan refunds, short-term disability and/or worker’s compensation are not considered a stable source of income and will not be used in calculating the total household income.

-Unless otherwise stated in the rental listing, all tenants and guest must adhere to


-If you currently in Bankruptcy, it must be discharged before applying. Additional refundable security deposit and/or non-refundable high-risk tenant service fee will be required.

-If you are currently in foreclosure/short selling or have had a foreclosure or completed a short sale transaction within the last 3 years, an additional deposit will be required. The deposit amount is at the discretion of the landlord and/or agent. If your previous mortgage was ex $1000.00 a month and you are looking to rent a home for $1300 per month, but your income had not increased, a landlord will question your ability to pay a higher rental amount than the mortgage amount was defaulted on.


Turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Some Landlords are extremely busy or out of the country/different time zones. We will notify you if the application process is longer than stated above. Allow us the time to complete the screening process. Please be patient and refrain from reaching out for an update until 5 business days have passed. Constant request for updates or emails/phone calls/text messages takes us away from completing the screening process. It also tells us you may not allow your landlord the time they need to address any situations that come up at their property. 

If your references, landlord(s), and/or employer(s) are unavailable and/or do not respond. Turnaround times can be delayed.


Move-ins are completed on Saturdays at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Make arrangements for all parties signing the lease to be in attendance. All tenants signing the lease must perform and sign the move-in inspection form. If you need to move in after our stated time and/or on the weekends and/or holidays, there is an additional after-hour move-in fee that must be paid in advance to compensate leasing staff for their time.


All application fees are non-refundable regardless of the leasing decision once payment is submitted.

If your application is APPROVED, you must complete and sign the Hold Fee/ Reservation form and turn in Hold Fee and Admin Fee $250.00 to take the property off the market for rent. We will continue to show property and take applications until this time. In the event, another applicant is approved and submits a completed hold/reservation form and hold fee before receiving your paperwork and hold fee, the property will be held for the new applicant, and your application fee is non-refundable.

If we cannot get in touch with you regarding your lease signing or anything that involves the pre-approval of your application and we are unable to reach you or hear back from you within 3 business days, we reserve the right to forfeit any application fees, admin fees, holding fees, etc. paid to compensate for wasted time.

All properties are for residential use ONLY. No home businesses unless authorized in writing before application. (Additional licensing requirements and insurance will be required)

Newcomers/Transfers/Relocating: Income must be local. If you are transferring with your job, you must show proof of transfer from verifiable businesses through the company website, etc. We cannot accept transfer letters from non-verifiable entities. Phone numbers must be listed on the company website or online reliable sources such as, not cell phones.


Hold Fee is the same as the rental amount unless otherwise stated on the rental listing. Hold Fee should be paid online. You may also pay by Certified Check or Bank Issued Money Orders ONLY. (NO OTHER MONEY ORDERS OR CASH)

ADMIN FEE Non-refundable admin fee $250.00


Showing Instructions

You must be at the initial showing without any assistance from us in accessing the home. 

Please do not provide your clients with the lockbox codes. If your client leaves the home unsecured, the agent and/or agent’s clients may be liable for damages to the home. 

Please allow 24 business hours (M-F) to provide access to information. 

Applying: Please have your client review application requirements/things to remember above before submitting any application fee. Application fees are non-refundable.

Instructions on Getting PAID:

Please submit your Broker’s W9. This form is required for payment. Commissions are mailed out between the 5th-10th of every month, and Thanks for showing!


If a landlord accepts this program. (read rental listing) Bedroom Count use Match your RTA. Our Landlords will not remove any doors or accept side payments ** We will not complete an RTA before application approval**


Please read the listing to determine whether or not pets are accepted. Each landlord is different. The following will apply if pets are accepted: No more than two animals are allowed per home. Animals must be at least six (6) months of age. Pet fees will be charged based on pet size. Non-Refundable Pet Fee is a one-time fee of $350.00 per pet, and the landlord will require renters insurance. 

In addition to this fee, you will also have monthly pet admin fees per pet. The pet fee amount is determined based upon the “Paw Score” that assigns to your pet. This score is determined using a proprietary formula that considers things like pet age, weight, vaccination records, etc. The following are the pet rent amounts:

5 Paws – $35.00/mo

4 Paws – $40.00/mo

3 Paws – $50.00/mo

2 Paws – $60.00/mo

1 Paw – $85.00/mo

The landlord must approve all animals (other than service animals for residents with disabilities) before completing the application. For information regarding qualified service, animals Click Here. Poisonous and Exotic animals are not allowed.

Aquariums will be allowed with a 20-gallon maximum only with proof of rental insurance for the entire term of the lease.

* *Total Debt to Income Ratio cannot exceed 41% of your gross monthly income**

Example 1 – Your income is $3,000 per month before taxes. Your current rent is $1000 per month, and per your credit report, your monthly debt/payments listed on your credit report cannot total more than $230.00 per month.

Example 2 – – Your income is $3,000 per month before taxes. Your current rent is $700 per month, and per your credit report, your monthly debt/payments listed on your credit report cannot total more than $530.00 per month.

Example 3 -If it is more than one income, all income will be combined and monthly debt/payments listed on all credit reports to determine the household’s Total Debt to income ratio.

**Criminal Background Check Information**

The application will not be approved for any of the following related reasons that had occurred within the timeline identified below before the application deadline date, regardless of the applicant’s age when the offense was committed. A review of criminal history reports is based on the date of disposition.

Crimes against a Person or Property 10 years

Drug-Related Offenses 7 years

Theft by check related offenses 7 years

Cruelty to animals related offenses 10 years

Worthless check and/or counterfeit check related Offenses 7 years

Sex-related offenses (including registered sex offenders) and Terrorism related Offenses will not be considered.

Prostitution-related offenses 7 years 

Weapons related offense 10 years

Felony offenses that do not fall within the categories above (ex: traffic, DUI) felony DUI 7 years; 5 years Active status on Probation and Parole off Probation/parole for 5 years

If you were charged with/or have committed any crime involving fraud, your application would not be considered.

Time to Process an Application:  7-10 business days ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE 4 STEPS PROCESS and ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS have been received.